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The IE (Industrial Engineer) role is part of the Engineering department in PDC Operation division. The IE manages and implements significant improvement projects focused on Manufacturing and cross functions processes, to increase operations productivity, to reach Mfg. excellence, to eliminate any kind of waste, implement innovative infrastructures. IE leads the NPI (New Products Introduction) manufacturing readiness, supporting fast transition and business responsiveness, by early engagement, efficient line design, robust and efficient processes, working area standard & infrastructures. IE works in a dynamic environment, working with different interfaces in the organization, working with the product development engineers as well as other operations functions (Planning,Materials , Facility, GIS , Engineering, and Finance ) . Part of the work requires working on the production floor (clean room). • Initiate & lead infrastructure improvement projects utilizing Industrial Eng. methodologies (Jigs, clean room Equipment, Systems, Working area standard, clean room layout ). • Line design optimization focusing on the critical path, eliminating non-value-added activities & outsourcing “none core activities” • Lead Improvement of cycle time & Efficiency by Mapping and identify waste in the process • Space optimization by optimal Layout Design that supports the business requirements, safety & ergonomic requirements • Optimize Material flow to the production floor
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  • MS.C/ B.Sc Industrial Engineering (or a similar field) from a known Academic institution.
  • Experience of at least 3 years in operational IE/similar role in the industry.
  • Any technical experience- advantage
  • Experience in leading projects.
  • Expertise in Lean Manufacturing Methodologies- advantage
  • Expertise in Manufacturing layout optimization and design
  • High English level (speaking, reading, writing)
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