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Israel, Yokneam Israel, Raanana We are looking for an experienced, hands-on Software Engineer. We work with highly experienced engineers to provide the world's best-in-class SW and SmartNICs for cloud-computing, research, medical, automotive, finance, weather, telco, and more. As a manager, you will lead and work on a variety of projects and features in the Linux-community of DPDK ( in general, and Nvidia-Mellanox PMD in particular, to accelerate network traffic that utilizes our SmartNIC hardware capabilities and achieve best in class performance without compromising on software-defined flexibility. Nvidia-Mellanox DPDK project is a key foundation to the company’s success as it unleashes the full spectrum of HW capabilities. It is also the cornerstone of the newly introduce Nvidia network SDK over Nvidia DPU, called DoCA. What You'll Be Doing Hands-on work and engineer the next generation technology in this domain as well as working with world-class technical leaders in this domain. You will engage with customers and architects to understand use case definitions at a customer site. You will work with upper layers applications like virtual switches (OVS, VPP, and etc.) and lower layers like driver, kernel, FW, and HW.
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What We Need To See

  • 7+ years’ experience of Programming C/C++
  • 5+ years’ experience in Linux environment and tools
  • Deep experience of Networking Protocols mainly Ethernet
  • Experience with virtualization technologies
  • Strong analytical, debugging, and problem-solving skills
  • Deep knowledge of computer architecture and operating systems.
  • Experience in performance optimizations
  • B.Sc. (or equivalent experience) in computer science/software engineering


Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd

  • Knowledge and experience in DPDK
  • Open Source Software Contributor to relevant projects (OvS, DPDK, Linux Kernel..)
  • A positive attitude, a growth mindset, and excellent interactions with others
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חמישי, מאי 27, 2021 - 12:30
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