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XTEND - סטארטאפים בפורטפוליו של TAU Ventures
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XTEND is looking for a super talented engineer to work on the software and firmware of the Flight Controller Operating System for all of XTEND products. Working on this technology you will have the opportunity to determine the future design and implementation of XTEND’s core operating system, while working in a rapidly growing and developing environment. This team writes code in C/C++/Python in an RTOS environment, controls hardware components, communicates with co-processors and other peripherals such as Optical Sensors and more, and implements low-level hardware drivers over several communication protocols (such as I2C, UART, SPI and more).
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  • At least 3 years of experience with C Embedded programming - MUST
  • Knowledge in C / C++ - MUST
  • BSc in Electrical Engineering / Software Engineering.
  • Experience working with Linux Kernel
  • Experience working with STM ARM micro controllers
  • Experience working with Embedded platforms
  • Knowledge in Python - an advantage
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