NPI Production and Manufacturing Engineer - Yehud

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Production and Manufacturing Engineer will be responsible of management of projects and will work closely with production. You will be in contact with different stakeholders both from inside and outside of Vayyar. This position is for you if you are looking to learn and develop! Job responsibilities: Supporting new product introduction to system-level supplier in South East Asia: production, engineering, logistic support for various system level (non IC) products in high volume. Managing and controling sub-contractors for full product manufacturing (PCB, Assembly lines, electrical and mechanical parts manufacturing). Project management. Focal point for internal groups and external suppliers for many aspects of product manufacturing.
דרישות משרה: 

Industrial Management engineer/practical engineer
Highly proficient in English
Up to 2 years experience in contract manufacturing management
Knowledge of ERP systems (SAP, Oracle or similar)
Knowledge of PDM tools (Agile, arena or similar)
Proficient in Excel
Willing to travel abroad

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ראשון, מאי 23, 2021 - 12:30
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