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axson pulse
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תל אביב
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Axon-Pulse is an innovative startup company in the RF signal processing for Radar and Communication worlds. We are developing and deploying cutting edge and unique AI-based algorithms, both for the defense and civil industries. Our goal is to revolutionize radar/communication signal processing schemes with AI in order to reach never seen before performance. Our main products utilize raw RF data to enhance radar/communication performance and introduce new detection and classification capabilities, impossible through known algorithms in the field. By partnering with a major radar company, Axon-Pulse is in hand-reach of unique, valuable data and close to client needs. Job description: Looking for a Deep Learning Engineer for our R&D team. The position involves: ● Leading an independent development project. ● Hands-on training and development of custom deep neural networks. ● RF & data analysis. ● Combining NN with classic algorithms for radar or communication systems.
דרישות משרה: 
  • B.Sc. in computer science\ physics\ electrical engineering\ Mathematics.
  • M.Sc in computer science\ physics\ electrical engineering\ Mathematics - advantage 
  • Proven experience in research and developing deep learning solutions - at least 2 years hands on.
  • Familiarity with RF analysis or signal processing
  • Experience working with radar or communication systems - advantage
  • Proactive, can-do attitude and self-management skills 
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רביעי, יוני 2, 2021 - 12:30
Our HQ is located at the We TLV Tower, 5 min walk from Savidor train station​. Please send your CV or LinkedIn profile to: ​​ /
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