School of Mechanical Engineering Dov Moshkovich

27 בפברואר 2019, 14:00 - 15:00 
בניין וולפסון חדר 206 
 School of Mechanical Engineering  Dov Moshkovich

Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 14:00
Wolfson Building of Mechanical Engineering, Room 206


Buckling and Post-buckling study in layered materials


Dov Moshkovich

 MSc. student of Prof. Herzl Chai


Systems consisting of thin, stiff films attached to compliant soft layers are frequently encountered in natural systems and technological applications. This includes an endoscopic examination of internal organs, filopodia growth in living cells, stent procedure, and deep drilling. Investigating and understanding the post-buckling behavior in such systems is of great basic and practical interest.


Most buckling works are limited to the buckling behavior of a single or layered structure under small deformation conditions. Some studies into the post-buckling behavior were also made, but they were generally limited to a single film attached to a thick, soft substrate (bilayer). There seems to be no numerical schemes for analyzing the post-buckling behavior in hard/soft multilayer structures.


This work is focused on the analysis of multilayers composed of hard/soft layers under axial compression load applied well into the post-buckling regime. The analysis is limited to 2D, and it incorporates soft/hard materials with moduli ratios of , relative layer thickness, and number of stiff layers ranging from . The buckling and post-buckling analysis of all structures considered are performed using the FEM routine ABAQUS.


Several practical cases of interest were considered. The results provide new insights into the buckling and post-buckling response of layered structures. Of particular note are the complete stress-strain responses obtained for a number of configurations of interest. The results show how the system variables can be tailored to get desired nonlinear responses and energy absorptions.



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