Research topics

Advanced engineering methods for Systems of Systems(SOS)  and Enterprises Systems Engineering(ESE)

Advanced engineering methods and tools for handling maturity, complexity and high dynamics of Systems of Systems and Enterprises Systems

Design of unsynchronized systems such as Transportation, Urban, Climate, Fast computing, and Biological systems

SE principles, methods, processes, and tools

Practices and computerized tools for System architecting, design, analysis, monitoring and evolution of complex, enterprises and systems of systems

Development of system's thinking

Model based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

Effective teaching methods and tool for MBSE

Real-time models for complex electronics Hardware, Software, Firmware system design and analysis

Real-time modeling of integration of complex systems such as Electrical, Electronical, Physical, Mechanical, Pnueumatical, Hydraulical, Optical, and Biological Systems

Definition and realization of non-verbal requirements

Complex systems integration models, optimization, simulations and laboratory

Advanced SE in the digital era

Define different SE processes to address the growing needs of the digital era

Use of Data mining, "Big Data", and learning systems

Implementation and development of data science and artificial cognition systems

Automatic AI test equipment modeling, design and optimization

New DevOps  procedures and cloud native systems/applications

Define new integration metods in micro-services development

Systems to support military situation awareness and decision making process

Trusted Cyber Systems

High level of system protection and cyber attac

Applying systems approach to protect complex, dynamic, cyber-physical-human net-centric systems and systems of systems

Human Capital Development

Accelerate the professional development of highly capable systems engineers and technical leaders

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