Daniel Garibi - Cross-Image Attention for Zero-Shot Appearance Transfer

סמינר מחלקת מערכות - EE Systems Seminar

29 במאי 2024, 15:00 
Electrical Engineering-Kitot Building 011 Hall  
Daniel Garibi - Cross-Image Attention for Zero-Shot Appearance Transfer

Electrical Engineering Systems Seminar


Speaker: Daniel Garibi

M.Sc. student under the supervision of Dr. Hadar Averbuch-Elor and Prof. Daniel Cohen-Or


Wednesday, 29th May 2024, at 15:00

Room 011, Kitot Building, Faculty of Engineering


Cross-Image Attention for Zero-Shot Appearance Transfer



Recent advancements in text-to-image generative models have demonstrated a remarkable ability to capture a deep semantic understanding of images. In this work, we leverage this semantic knowledge to transfer the visual appearance between objects that share similar semantics but may differ significantly in shape. To achieve this, we build upon the self-attention layers of these generative models and introduce a cross-image attention mechanism that implicitly establishes semantic correspondences across images. Specifically, given a pair of images ––– one depicting the target structure and the other specifying the desired appearance ––– our cross-image attention combines the queries corresponding to the structure image with the keys and values of the appearance image. This operation, when applied during the denoising process, leverages the established semantic correspondences to generate an image combining the desired structure and appearance. In addition, to improve the output image quality, we harness three mechanisms that either manipulate the noisy latent codes or the model's internal representations throughout the denoising process. Importantly, our approach is zero-shot, requiring no optimization or training. Experiments show that our method is effective across a wide range of object categories and is robust to variations in shape, size, and viewpoint between the two input images.


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