EE Seminar: Navigation Methods by Inertial Device and Signals of Opportunity

~~Speaker: Haim Simkovits, 
M.Sc. student under the supervision of Prof. Anthony Weiss

Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 15:00
Room 011, Kitot Bldg., Faculty of Engineering

Navigation Methods by Inertial Device and Signals of Opportunity


Inertial navigation systems are known to yield rather accurate measurements over short time intervals, while their error variance tends to increase with time. In order to keep the error within specification, most systems use GPS signals. In the absence of GPS data, due to jamming or spoofing, it is desirable to use signals-of-opportunity instead.
In the present work, we examine an alternative fixing approach for navigation based on signals-of-opportunity generated by multiple, stationary emitters with known position. A moving sensor intercepts signals-of-opportunity in different locations along its trajectory. The structure of the transmitted signals is utilized for synchronization between measurements in different locations and different times. Nowadays, most radars and digital communications emitters use signals with predefined structure that are appropriate for the proposed method.
Since the maximum likelihood location estimate requires computational resources that are not always available in small inexpensive platforms, we propose a computationally efficient semi-definite relaxation algorithm. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed algorithms converge to the Cramer-Rao lower bound under some geometrical and noise limitations.


20 בינואר 2016, 15:00 
חדר 011, בניין כיתות חשמל 
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