LMI – מרכז אור וחומר – סמינר עם ד"ר איליה גויכמן - גלאים אופטיים היברידים מבוססי גרפן/סיליקון

23 בפברואר 2022, 13:00 
הפקולטה להנדסה אוניברסיטת תל אביב 

LMI Seminar:

Hybrid Graphene/Silicon Integrated Photodetectors

Dr. Ilya Goykhman

Micro Nanoelectronics Research Center, Faculty of Electrical and Computer of Engineering, Technion

Wednesday February  23th,  2022


Light refreshments and drinks will be served at 12:30

Auditorium 011, Engineering Classroom Building,  Faculty of Engineering, Tel-Aviv University


Abstract: Two-dimensional (2D) materials and van der Waals (vdW) heterostructures have shown tremendous potential for light detection applications, opening new avenues in developing novel, high-performance and broadband photodetectors (PDs) beyond state-of-the-art. A variety of high-performance 2D, hybrid-2D and vdW PDs with ultra-high responsivity, sensitivity and ultra-broad spectral response have been reported so far based on graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), III-VI group layered semiconductors, black phosphorous, and more, covering the visible, infrared and terahertz spectra. Nevertheless, the field is far from reaching its saturation. Quite the opposite, the rich portfolio of 2D materials and newly emerging physical phenomena in vdW heterostructures, together with favourable heterogeneous integration of 2D systems with silicon technology, CMOS read-out electronics and flexible platforms, set new horizons for the development of innovative 2D integrated PDs. In this talk, I will focus on graphene integration with silicon photonics for telecom applications and multispectral photodetection. Key aspects related to device physics, material properties, fabrication process development and system performances will be discussed..

Bio: Dr Ilya Goykhman is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Head of Laboratory for Nanoscale and Quantum Optoelectronics at Technion. Prior to joining Technion, Dr Goykhman was a Senior Research Associate at the Cambridge Graphene Centre (CGC) and a Lecturer at the Centre for Doctoral Training at the University of Cambridge. He is a task leader in the optoelectronics work package in the EU Graphene flagship project. His main research interests span the integrated 2D optoelectronics, device physics, technology development of graphene and 2D materials, 2D/3D hybrid systems for applications in communication, light generation, quantum optics, sensing, memory and energy


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